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Nurture Your Physical and Emotional Health


Anouk Prouteau

Welcome to my page and Higher Octane Living!

I have been facilitating  physical and emotional freedom and wellbeing for about two decades in Wellington now.

I started my career providing corporate massage services for local government departments including the Ministry of Health where I still work.  Since my humble beginnings my toolkit has expanded into blending a synergy of mind-body therapies that co-create a deep sense of freedom, increased enthusiasm, strength and joy.

  My knowledge in iridology assists me in gaining a deeper understanding into my clients' physical and mental emotional tendencies and allows me to offer support to naturally strengthen their constitutions and resilience.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries.

I look forward to meeting you on your transformational journey.

Much love and many blessings,



You may enjoy the effective reset that the Bowen Therapy offers or love the nurturing touch of a massage. The ultimate physical healing experience is my hot stones body reset. Allow at least 75 or 90 minutes for the latter.




Add kinesiology to energy psychology and you rapidly gain effective access to your subconscious blocks and traumas that - once released - open up the pathway to effectively designing the life you imagined and deserve.


Have you considered entering a whole new dimension of healing through accessing the knowledge and wisdom of your own body and mind?

A.R.T. allows all your systems to be vitalised and enhanced through targeted health solutions established on an individual basis. Check this out!

Inspiration coming soon
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