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Higher Octaning Living & Coronavirus - Moving Forward 

I am trading on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, according to government guidelines.


We request that under the recommendations of the Ministry of Health if you fit any of the following criteria, you reschedule your appointment:

  • cough, fever or shortness of breath

  •  If your symptoms are flu or Covid 19 related, we ask that you make sure that you have fully recovered before returning to our clinic and get tested if necessary. Of course if you are told by health authorities to self isolate, you must do so immediately.


It is of the utmost importance that everyone remains healthy and that I can continue providing a clean environment to keep my health and wellness therapies going at a time when we all need them the most. If you're currently suffering from increased stress, fatigue or anxiety, I am now available to help your body and your mental wellbeing.

What am I doing to reduce any possibility of spreading viruses?

  • I have removed my water filtering system as filling up the glass a second time could apply germs onto the system but of course there will be filtered water available 

  • My hygiene standards are very high.

  • I thoroughly wash and dry my hands before and after each treatment and

  • provide clean linen for each client.

  • I will be increasing how often I disinfect door handles and light switches etc and also

  • disinfect my linen when washing them.

  • There will also be a handsanitiser and thermometer (taking temperature won't be imposed) for my clients in the massage room.

  • I give extra attention to sanitising the face cradle

  • I am able to produce data for contact tracing if necessary

  • Under Level 2 I am required to wear a mask


If it gives you peace of mind to bring hand sanitiser, your own water bottle, linen or massage oil, please do!



Now that you have taken in all the technical information, I would like to let you know that I believe allied health professionals make a great overall contribution to keeping their clients well mentally and physically.

Through the body, mind and spirit healing journeys

I am helping reduce stress and fear levels which 

Encourages healthy immune system function by

Switching fight and flight off

Assisting detox mechanisms through the bodywork

Improving mental and emotional processes

Reducing aches and pains

Offering advice on how to further building your body's resilience to winter challenges and how to nurture those individual aspects that need support.

My clinic activities resumed under level 2 and it is now feeling fantastic to be supporting my clients into wellness again!!

I look forward to seeing you soon


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