Iridology is an artform or discipline that dates back to Chaldean and ancient Egyptian times. Even the ancient Babylonians recognised the value of assessing colour and structure variations to determine constitutional strength of the physical and emotional body. Whilst this artform has been further developed by European and Russian doctors in the 20th century as a reliable tool for detection of function and disease, the modern day irilodologist does not diagnose as such.

Iridology can be used to determine individual predispositions, the colour and pattern of your eyes is a reflection of your unique genetic inheritance going back three generation.  Health issues will be visible in the iris and sclera at the earliest stages so shedding light on how a person can become the best version of themselves, gives self care and prevention a totally new dimension.

In particular it is important to understand that

  • the iris is a unique representation of the health issues of our forefathers

  • the iris also reflects our mental-emotional characteristics

  • the iris is indeed the window to the soul

  • how we live, love and learn will have an impact on our predispositions

  • the iris is our unique fingerprint (there are no two irises the same)

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