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We live in new exciting times where it has been acknowledged that we can influence our epigenetics through changing our beliefs (Bruce Lipton, "The Biology of Belief"). The expression of our health and wellness is influenced by our mental processes.


Kinergetics identifies and efficiently releases blockages, emotions, traumas and any fight, flight and freeze patterns that circulate excessive adrenaline and cortisol from the system. Clients often experience a total turn-around from their stressful expression into a peaceful state of being.

Example of Balances

- General support balance (identifies current stressors/blocked or frozen emotions)

- Master Trauma balance (releases adrenaline causing stress patterns that can go back into your childhood that are

  still running continuous stress responses in the body and inhibiting the nutritional utilisation pathways)

- Sabotage patterns

- Heavy Metal or Sibo Balances in the energetic field.

- Brain Hydration Balance (the brain is 85% water based or should be for optimal functioning)

- Chakra and Lightbody Balance for the lightworkers that need spiritual cleansing and protection

and many more

Personally, I enjoy combining Psych K with Kinergetics to complete
the energetic reset and to enhance new desired patternings and beliefs.
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