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Bowen Technique

I came to Bowen Therapy when I suffered a painful back and hip problem that other conventional therapies couldn't treat. And it wasn't for the lack of trying! For many people Bowen has been their last resort when it should really be a first port of call. It addresses the long strands of fascia in the body, effectively releases patterns of stuckness and has the potential to remind the system how to return to its original blueprint and heal.


Conditions that have have responded well to Bowen: TMJ - Back Pain - Sciatica - Digestive & Bowel Problems - Migraines - Ear, Nose & Throat Problems - Fibromalgya - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Epilepsy - Bedwetting - Incontinence - Burning Feet - Infertility - Constipation - Neck & Shoulder Problems - Clicking Jaw - Frozen Shoulder - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Tennis/Golfer's Elbow - Uneven Leg Length - Pelvic Tilt - Groin Pain - Respiratory Disorders - Hip and Lower Back issues, Neck Pain, Hayfever - Asthma - Sporting Injuries ... and many more

In addition to resetting the body, Bowen is also known for taking the body into a parasympathetic state where the physical healing responses like resting, digesting and where repair becomes possible.

I have trained in the complete original and advanced Bowen Technique curriculum with Pauline Senior as well as Ossie and Elaine Rentsch. Additionally I trained in NST (advanced protocols and deep cures) and have started my journey in Ross Emmetts healing modality.

My greatest joy is helping "tune-up" the system so my clients can regain flexibility, ease and lightness in their bodies.



Massage brings joy to the body. Long periods of inactivity, sitting at the desk and possibly experiencing business

and work pressures can lead to the connective tissue tightening by 25%. Massage enhances your life by reducing stress,

improving circulation, flushing out toxins and boosting the immune system.

For you this means an opportunity to feel completely comfortable in your body and your overall health and well being

improve while your stress level reduces.

I enjoy seeing people on site at their work places, pregnant ladies, their children and the elderly too.

My style is nurturing but effective.

Hot Stones Body Reset

My specialty treatment is combining the healing qualities of the hot basalt stones giving off the mother earth energy and relaxing swedish and deep tissue massage for a holistic healing experience that will leave you deeply relaxed, weightless and radiant. All your stress will float away and you will feel free, rejuvenated and energetically uplifted.

Some clients notice an energy flow radiating throughout the body as the meridians open up to a free-flowing experience. Please allow at least 75 or 90 minutes. Some of my clients have asked me to create a two-hour option.

You will know best how much time is required to maximise your healing experience.

Leg Injury
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