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12 ways to de-stress

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

It's all about learning to feel and listen to your body

Did you know that 70% of sufferers of depression experience a deep reset from regularly walking in the bush?

Our bodies have an inherent guidance system that will lead us to our healing experience if we allow it to.

The problem is that we humans are creature of habits and we get stuck in a rut and don't see a way out. The more you connect the dots and do more of the nurturing and fun activities, the better you start feeling. It's all about recharging those human batteries.

A few ideas to unwind, balance and be kind to yourself

- Take a bath with epsom salts and aromatherapy to relax your body and allow it to unwind

- Watch an uplifting movie, notice the impact of social media and the information you are

exposed to and reduce or increase accordingly.

- Breathe, go into nature, the bush is a total energy resetter.

- Sunlight and vitamin D (in moderation) are good for the immune system and mood.

- Have you tried yoga and/or meditation to regulate out of fight and flight?

- Connect with meaningful friends and family more often.

- Make a contribution, help someone in need or donate your time to a charity.

- Learn new skills and habits and strengthen your mind and body.

- Eat more raw, vegetarian if you can and put less crap into your system.

- Hydrate, sleep and rest when you can.

- Simplify your life.

- You are a physical, emotional and spiritual being. It is worth your while exploring

all the aspects that make you special and exploring that journey within.

Live, love, learn and be happy!!

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