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Overcoming Long Covid, an alternative perspective

You might be more susceptible to suffer from long term issues if you have had a serious Covid experience or you have had multiple exposures to the Coronavirus flu. Long Covid describe the symptoms that last beyond weeks and months after having had the virus including

500 million people are estimated to suffer from long Covid, namely one in ten (WHO says up to 20%) that have been infected with the Coronavirus.

There is no quick fix but I can recommend a multi-level approach to helping the body reset and heal itself using Colourpuncture, herbal remedies and Bowen Therapy.

The Esogetics Colourpuncture is very much recognised as a medical device (in the German speaking world) that applies colour and light in different frequencies to meridian points of the various organ systems for healing. Its originator, German Naturopath Peter Mandel, studied acupuncture in China and developed his own healing method according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been able to track the progress of his work through monitoring his clients with the Kirlian photography. Depending on the clients symptoms, a surge of energy is brought into the different tissues for stimulation, balancing and for healing, let's say to move lymph, calm down the nervous system or soothe breathing pathways to name a few. Colourpuncture has become popular amongst iridologists around the world as Peter Mandel has developed an ophtalmotropic approach within his healing method which is very exciting. The iris constitution as well as the sclera makes it possible for the experienced practitioner to gain holistic insights into the person and their complex individual structure. Based on the iris color and iris phenomena, signs and structures of the entire eye, we receive clues about tendencies and weaknesses. That applies not only to the function of organs and body systems, but also to the psychological disposition which the Colourpuncture holistically within one session.

In conjunction with the light or as a stand alone therapy, I can also offer Autonomic Response Testing, a modality developed by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, a globally acclaimed integrative doctor. Your body will reveal through muscle testing which pathways need to be strengthened and what will best support the change back to vitality.

Last but not least, very much worth mentioning is the very humble Bowen Technique. In the UK 60 Bowen Therapists got together to participate in a long term study on Covid long haulers. We know Bowen helps bring the body back into a state of homeostasis, realigns the spine, anecdotally reduces systemic inflammation in the body, helps stimulate the lymphatic flow, calms the nervous system, balances the vagus nerve and more. Practitioners historically have had good outcomes using it for concussion (which is brain inflammation), fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. A Bowen reset is relaxing, pain reducing, freeing and energising at the same time.

Researchers from the University Hospital Germans Trias in Pujol in Spain performed a study to look at vagus nerve functioning in long COVID patients. Among 348 patients, about 66% had at least one symptom that suggested vagus nerve dysfunction. The researchers did a broad evaluation with imaging and functional tests for 22 patients in the university’s Long COVID Clinic from March to June 2021.

But this is one theory. A recent article from the scientist depicts various possibilities which makes sense: "One of those possibilities is that COVID-19 causes the immune system to go haywire, triggering a long-lasting inflammatory response that wreaks havoc on multiple organ systems. This long-lasting inflammation may be explained by the continued presence of virus or viral particles in organs such as the gut, but may also be due to the reactivation of dormant pathogens such as Epstein-Barr virus, a herpes virus that is the most common cause of mononucleosis. Another theory is that COVID-19 sets off a response akin to an autoimmune disease that causes antibodies to target and destroy the body’s own tissues. Still another hypothesis blames microclots, tiny blood clots that have been found to be more common in long COVID patients.

Taken together, studies suggest that long COVID and its many symptoms may not have just one cause, and may not be just be one disease. “There may not be a single mechanism for all long COVID—there could be multiple mechanisms ongoing, and for some individuals one may be more dominant than the other,” says Nath. "

It's good to get checked out by your health practitioner of course. Physiotherapy can help. Notice your energy levels and what you need to fill up your batteries again.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was proven to impact patients positively post covid improving neurocognitive functions and other symptoms ( published July12.2022) in a randomised controlled trial.

There is no magic pill but you can support your system in many ways: through healthy eating, infrared sauna, resting appropriately and practicing mindfulness. If you have any questions or want to know whether my approach is right for you, feel free to contact me.

Moh latest Long Covid resource from 27.20.2022

Should you decide to address your long covid symptoms, please print out this form to help us understand your symptoms as well as monitor improvements. Thank you in advance.

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