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I saw Anouk on Friday. My left knee has been a problem since I injured it when I was only 2 or 3 years old. I am now 52.


Over the years I have had several surgeries with limited success.  Recently  especially the past few months the pain has been particularly intense, especially at night, stopping me getting good sleep. I have had to use pillows and heated wheat bags to try to get relief. 


Despite celebrex and other pain medication the pain persisted, until I saw Anouk. 


It had now been 5 nights I have been able to sleep with no pain. I have also been able to do aqua jogging with no pain.  While the knee is still stiff, the pain has subsided greatly.  This  in my eyes is a miracle. 

Anouk is my angel! 


Truly amazing result. Thank you


I went for a 90min session with Anouk which consisted in a akashic record reading and a massage. The place is amazing! You can tell that she put her heart and soul in every detail. The first 30 min was a good reading and she answer all of my questions in a gentle way. The massages were amazing! Definitely the next level of connection. It started with a gentle hot stone massage to help relax the muscles and then the fun began! She did an amazing energy work on me, I felt supported all the time and she guide me through what I was feeling and to release what I needed to release. She is very intuitive and I felt like she was reading my mind and doing exactly what I needed without asking.


She is very professional and skilled lightworker. I will definitely see her again.


This was the most enjoyable and liberating experience for my burdened and achy body. The mixture of deep strokes, realigning manipulations and heat applied helped my body let go of physical tension, emotional heaviness and restrictions I didn't even know were there. When I got up from the massage table, I felt light, restored and energised. I was even more surprised to find myself resetting for the following days to finally experience increased freedom, lightness and joy.

It is clear that Anouk works with knowledge, experience and  compassion. She is able to hold the space for a deeper healing experience.

Thank you for this gift!

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