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Colour Puncture and the Birth Experience

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Colour therapy applied succesfully to reshape and strengthen our life journey

We know our arrival into this world can not only shape our life experience but also our capacity to learn and grow

Welcome to my first blog post. During lockdown I found a positive and inspiring learning journey in diving into colour therapy. I hadn't attended any online zoom classes before but was very happy to focus my mind onto new ways of learning and healing.

Do you know how you have arrived into this world? Were you late, was it a natural birth? Was medical intervention required?

You won't be surprised to learn that character attributes have been linked to our type of arrival. Late comers often translate to late bloomers. Projectile arrivers can be "fomo" etc. Babies that were born under duress or with the umbilical cord around their necks can struggle with excess adrenaline and stress until their birth journey has been addressed successfully.

An Esogetics (Colour Puncture) Perspective:

"The traumas that occur as we first enter this world have a particular significance because they tend to block the flow of this original life script information. Moreover, because they occur so early, they tend to become mixed into our sense of what our script in life is all about. Consider a fetus developing in a womb who gradually begins to sense that she is not welcome or wanted. Apart from the stress hormones she may be receiving from an unhappy mother, this “conflict stress” can instill a deep identity of being “the unwelcome one.” This identity can follow her throughout life, causing her to invest unnecessary life energy into trying to counter a false identity. Thus, as Esogetic practitioners, one of the first things we may need to do is to clear any adverse pre-and perinatal imprints, in order to restore the client’s connection to his or her life script information.

Over the past 40+ years, Mandel has developed a large body of Esogetic Prenatal Therapies, as well as special information/energy assessment techniques to help Esogetic practitioners identify when these treatments might be most appropriate for their clients. Specific colorpuncture treatments have been developed for each phase of this journey; from pre-conception and conception, to the weeks and months spent in the womb, and finally to the birth itself and even the subsequent impact that these events may have had on childhood development. Like all colorpuncture treatments, each prenatal therapy involves treating a series of points and zones on the skin with a specific sequence of colored light frequencies. Some treatments focus more on what we experience physically, in the womb and at birth. Others focus more on the psycho-spiritual aspects of this journey (the gradual merger of spirit and material). Also, certain prenatal therapies are designed specifically for children and even infants (light is very gentle), while others are more suitable for adults."

Case study: Female client E

My client "E"came to me recently to help her address the experienced burnout during/after lockdown last year that she hasn't been able to shift. When I saw her and she was finally able to come into town - which took months - she seemed extremely stressed, lost the ability to work, sleep consistently. Her social interactions suffered as well as her self confidence and hope in the future. After having done a few other physical and emotional balances and peeling off some layers (and some work with other practitioners), it became obvious that the stress boiled down to her birthing journey in which she almost died strangled and her mother also momentarily left her body.

We completed an advanced Psych K process, colour puncture and well as a short physical balance, all of which took almost two hours. E reported that for the first time in her life she felt whole. Like some aspect of herself got reunited with her body. The treatment took a little while to integrate but she now feels stronger, more resilient with ideas for the future that are now taking shape. A testimonial will follow soon.

Esogetics Colour Puncture, a healing model created by Peter Mandel, Naturopath and TCM Practitioner

This unique colour therapy is often described as acupuncture without needles. Light and Colour give healing impulses to cells which communicate via electromagnetic waves. Through this communication healing is possible, as is a path to well-being. Colour puncture uses a specifically designed torch where rainbow, pastel or grey coloured quarz rods are attached. Selected colours and light are applied to acupuncture points and assigned zones, passed through the cells and transmitted through the meridians (energy pathways) to various organs, endocrine glands, different body systems, even the brain and nervous system. This technique is non-invasive, pain-free and effective as it recognizes the individuality on all levels – body, mind, soul and spirit. It clears blockages on physical, emotional and mental levels. This gentle yet powerful therapy improves various illnesses and is designed to address the root-causes.

Colour Therapy can assist individuals with

  • convalescence and recovery from diseases

  • sleep disturbances

  • learning difficulties und memory loss

  • pain and restricted mobility

  • digestive challenges

  • hormonal imbalances

  • release of trauma

  • stress and nervous problems

  • detoxification and stimulation of metabolism

  • lymph congestion

  • headaches

  • improvement of organ functions

  • skin issues

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