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Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.)

This healing modality has been curated by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a well known German integrative general practitioner, psychotherapist and osteopath amongst others, involving the ayurvedic five levels of healing. It means his healing system encompasses physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being. This concept is novel in the sense that it allows the practitioner to address complex issues within one session. The main aim is to establish how to best regulate the system to recover more vitality, strength and remind it how to heal. Dr. Klinghardt has been elected best integrative doctor in the USA for his groundbreaking research in Lyme disease. He has been a global leader and teacher in his field for many decades now. His alternative healing method is the only one to feature on PubMed.

  • One of the reasons why people don't heal from chronic disease is the drug uptake problem. It means a 20-fold amount of medication would be needed to address the underlying issue. Dr. Klinghardt's method can reverse the blockage and restore the uptake and make a minimal amount of herbals remedies very efficient.

  • A.R.T. helps decode chronic illness in each individual case and establish a wellness protocol for optimum recovery.

  • Clients can have their supplements and foods checked for necessity and sensitivity as well as healing properties to ensure maximum healing benefits to the items that are ingested on a regular basis.

  • If you have been experiencing exhaustion/long Covid, we can find out how to best regulate your system and make practical suggestions to assist your immune system in being boostered.

  • With increased physiological strength and resilience we will be able to apply the same principles to psycho-kinesiology and allow your system to reveal areas of mental stress it wants to release and allow more space to the life we want to manifest and attract.

  • Disclaimer: This modality works with resonance, frequency and natural solutions. While we are testing for health issues, as an alternative practitioner I am not allowed to diagnose and treat. Please refer to your doctor if you are looking for medical solutions.

Strength & Healing

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